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When considering the specification of a blind there are important practical points relating to how you need to control the amount of light entering through your window. Sounds obvious doesn’t it but often “appearance, cost and fashion” are placed before practicality and the end result doesn’t work as well as it should!

Room Purpose + Light Control


· What you need to do in the room

· Where in the room is the sun going to shine when you use certain parts? As the sun moves horizontally and vertically, do you need to be able to adjust the blind to suit your activity/room purpose?

· Where do you want to point the light, do you need concentrated light where you are working or do you need it away from where you’re working with good amounts of light in the room for general visibility?

· Do you need the blind to help reduce heat by deflection?

· Do you need the blind to minimise sun damage to carpets and room contents e.g. furniture pictures?

· Does the room need to keep out as much light as possible because you work night shifts and need to sleep through bright sunny days?

· Does the room need to let in as much light as possible because you paint/read/do intricate work or just want that open “feel”?

· Is it going to be dark outside when you’re using the room with high intensity interior light? Do you need the blind for privacy?

· Do you need to see out of the window, and restrict inward viewing, retaining a high degree of privacy?

· Are you going to use the room for several purposes or mainly one?

· How do you need to manage the light in relation to your TV or Computer screens?

Have a look through the Types of Blind pages to help steer you towards making your choice. There aren’t necessarily right and wrong answers but you might collect some useful pointers that help you arrive at what’s best for you.

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Also if you can't see a blind that is quite right we have many ways in which to customise and personalise your blinds:

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