Wooden Venetian Blind.

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WHITE | 25mm

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BEECH | 35mm

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NATURAL | 50mm

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Wood Products

There are various types of blind made from wood products, most popular being the wooden venetian. Given the right choice in wood colour for it’s location this type of blind makes an excellent window feature that works practically as well. As with standard aluminium Venetians they give a high degree of privacy but with a greater feel of natural warmth.

There are several types of wood to choose from, Ramin, Obeche, and American Oak for instance. There are also many shades of Stain to choose from. The stains are permanent and are often used on a neutral hard wood to give the effect of other hardwoods eg. Walnut, Mahogany or Teak.

Some wood blinds are painted so a totally non-natural effect is created to match existing/new paint schemes.

Most wood blinds are available in 25mm or 50mm slats and may have matching cords or use a “ladder tape” as an alternative to ladder cord.

wood blind with cords
wood blind with tapes


Cords Tapes

Stacking Height is the height of the blind that is left visible when fully raised. So when you’ve lifted your blind as far as it will go to reveal an open view, there will still be a portion of the window obscured at the top.

This measurement should really be discussed with you prior to finally agreeing your wooden blind specification. It is generally given in catalogue literature. Because wood slats are thicker than aluminium the stacking height is greater. It is not usually a problem but worthy of note!

Also worth discussing is the fact that wood slats may distort over time, especially in positions near rising heat…. Above radiators. This need not be such a problem but may give rise to inefficient opening and closing. A good quality blind sensibly positioned should generally be fine.

Lastly a note about size…….The bigger the blind the heavier it will be to lift….you can get motorised blinds to overcome this!

Larger wood blinds (either very wide say between 1.8 and 2.4m) or blinds that have a long drop (2.0m), will need some two handed assistance when being raised. Ie use your left hand to support the bottom of the blind whilst raising the cord with your right hand. This will make this operation straight forward.

Manufacturers vary in the maximum sizes in which they will make wood blinds so please ask this question.

Often a feature of the more expensive types of wood blind is that they are made of lightweight (yet hard and resilient) Obeche wood, that enables a smooth lifting and controlling action.

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