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Venetian Blinds are a tried and tested old favorite that can combine excellent light control and privacy.

A “head rail” contains the mechanisms for raising and lowering the numerous horizontal “slats” held on “ladders” which make up the blind.

Cords and/or “wands” are used to actuate the lift and tilt controls.


The striking feature of this type of blind is that it provides the person behind the window with a high degree of privacy whilst allowing an extremely high degree of light to enter the room, simultaneously allowing the occupier an outside view.

Generally made from Aluminium and wood, the slats are generally available in 25mm or 50mm widths. (16mm & 35mm are also available in many styles)

With such a variety of colours and finishes now available, including perforated for a general glare block with out losing the light, the latest venetian blinds can transform a room into a sleek and stylish environment.

Use chrome, pewter or matt finishes as well as the traditional gloss effect. Neutral shades provide subtle backdrops or choose vivid colours to really enhance a room and get attention!

Venetian Advantages:

· Clean designer lines & abundant colour choices

· A good quality venetian blind lasts many years

· High Security option

· A blind that looks exceptionally neat from outside as well as inside.

· Venetian blinds can be cleaned despite worries of being dust collectors. Modern vacuum cleaners have ample suction power and suitable high level attachment nozzles that allow cleaning to be relatively pain free.

· Will cover large windows (mostly up to 3m) and still allow good light control

Things to consider;

· Larger Venetians (with longer drops and if made with wide slats) start to get heavier, so if your not too strong or have joint discomfort a vertical blind might be an easier option.

· Venetian blinds need less cleaning in dry well ventilated areas. Be prepared for more frequent cleaning if you choose them for your kitchen and the blind is fitted near a cooker. You can minimise problems by drawing the air flow away from the blind and extracting through ducts etc

· Buying a cheap venetian blind for a high use window may give you maintenance headaches……cheaper cords wear quickly and the blinds don’t always stay up leading to users “moving the slats” to peer through. Thin (cheaper quality) slats can get bent very easily…they can’t be straightened easily. Spending a bit more on a good quality stove enamelled slat will prevent those headaches!

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